Services Commercial & residential 
Since every project is unique, this is only a basic list of some of the services that we provide. We provide a large variety of service for commercial and residential 
Customers. Customize a package that suits your needs from lawn
Maintenance and fertilization to full landscaping design and installation.

Some of our maintenance services include:
-Sod & Sprinklers
-Sprinkler Repair 
-Tree Pruning & Trimming
-Tree Removal
-Lawn maintenance, Fertilization
-Weed Control
-Mulch Installation
-Plant and Tree Planting
- Rocks different types 
- Palm trees 

Other services include:
-French drain 
-Outdoor Lighting
-Irrigation Systems
-Pressure washing 
-Annual flowers
-Stump Grading
-paver installation
Lawn maintenance service that includes. 
mowing, edging, manicuring  around all trees, 
flowerbeds, perimerter walls.
 and air sweeping all walkways, patio &  driveways.

lg pine bark 
red cypress 
crepe myrtle tree

pressure washing
mini pine bark
Cedar bark rocks
seminole chips
Tabebuia  (trumpet) tree
email me
brown rocks
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The Importance of Lawn Care

Health and vitality

It is important to understand your lawns & landscape environmental needs and tailor your lawn care to suit the local conditions. The health and vitality of lawns & landscape greatly reflect on. Proper lawn maintenance is time consuming and more complex than simply watering your lawn. Commercial property do not have the time to devote towards the vital components that lawns need to thrive. Using a lawn care professional to complete the necessary maintenance needs means you can be reassured your lawn & landscape are receiving the best treatment and will always look their best. 

Increase Curb appeal

When it comes time to sell, buyers often make instant decisions about a property based on what they see before they enter the property. Curb appeal is imperative to the overall value of your property ; it’s what grabs buyer’s. which lacks curb appeal. A well-cared for lawn & landscape.